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>For the sake of Allah, and to pleased Allah,
I would like to remind myself, my friends and you.
No God, except Allah,
No Power, or Might except Allah.
None can give benefit, or harm but only Allah

I would also like to remind myself, my friends and you, if we obey Commandment of Allah,  we all be success, Basic orders of Allah is the 5 pillars of Islam, Syahadah, Prayers, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj

The first Commandment of Allah after we recite the Syahadah its to fullfil its rights. The right of Syahadah is to do the work of inviting Good and forbid Evil. Most evil thing that human do is didn’t accept the Kalimah which is done by Non-Muslim, we forbid the evil to good by inviting them to recite the Syahadah. Most evil things done by those who already recite the Shahadah is not inviting to Good and forbid Evil and second didn’t perform prayers

Although the work of Nabi had been enjoin to us, we and most Muslim have forgot and abandon our duty, we  non-Muslim not , and among Muslim ourselves do not reminded to obey the Order of Allah. So we have been disobey and sinful. Allah Order for sinful and wrong-doers is to ask forgiveness and repent, but even this we forget. So I inviting myself, my friends and you brothers to ask forgiveness and repent from Allah on behalf of all Muslims who live and had died for not doing the Sunnah of Nabi.
And from today onward we make work of  Nabi as our prime work.
If you, me, and all Muslim do the work of Nabi, absolutely to pleased Allah, Allah would be very pleased, we will be loved by Allah, we have Allah, we have everything, Allah give us pure true faith, corrected our deed, answered our prayer, we will be honored, Allah change us from weak to strong, and lastly, Allah placed us in Garden of Heaven.
Or else if we abandon the work of Nabi, Allah would be displeased, we lose Allah, we lost everything, we love for worldly things more than Allah, our prayer would not be answered, Allah would not help us, and lastly placed us in Hell Fire.
Allah had made it simple for us to do the work Nabi, only need to spent our time, by doing this work 45 minutes , either day or night on daily basis.
Prerequisite for this work is only you know one phrase, which every Muslim know : No God, but Allah, Muhammad, messenger of Allah. We know this phrase we all are qualified for the work of Nabi.


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